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If you just want to go home and relax and treat yourself to a good solid organic meal of the best ingredients, you can order freely from our à la carte menu as takeaway and pick it up whenever it suits you. If you really want to treat yourself, you can also order a bottle of wine for your meal as well as our well-known chocolate mousse for dessert. Please note that some dishes and items might be unavailable. We will notify you of this by phone if that is the case.

If you wish to order for 15 persons or more, please click here and read about our catering options with Puglisi Events.

*All orders come with bread on the side.



Add-ons and desserts

Wine and oil


Planning a spontaneous party, an event, wedding, reception or the annual Christmas lunch? Then let us serve you a gastronomic experience from Manfreds! But since we are a great community of restaurants, all our catering is handled by Puglisi Events, where you will find the best from Manfreds, BÆST and Mirabelle – all part of the Relæ Community. Puglisi Events offers the very best of catered options and we are more than happy to accommodate you with a tailor made gastronomic experience, based on several years of know-how and the best local and beyond organic produce you can imagine!

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