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Christmas and new year’s

Do you want this year’s Christmas lunch or dinner with the company, your friends or family to be stress free and extra delicious? And do you want the new year’s menu to be of no hassle and all organic?

Then order your Christmas lunch or dinner and new year’s evening dinner as takeaway from Manfreds and let our experienced chef’s handle the cooking for this year’s holiday season. Our Christmas and new year’s takeaway is organic and made from the best seasonal produce.

So relax yourself and order our delicious organic Christmas lunch and new year’s takeaway for you and your friends or family.

Special Christmas gift card

We are offering a special Manfreds Christmas gift card, if you wish to give an all-organic Manfreds experience including our Chef’s Choice menu as a Christmas present. In return, we will include an aperitif on us.


Manfreds is a restaurant closely connected to our organic farm in Lejre – Farm of Ideas. Every day, our chefs harvest fresh vegetables from the farm and bring them to the restaurant to cook and serve them for our guests on the same day. As fresh as it can be!

We believe that the our fields should inspire and instruct our menu. Therefore, you can always expect a diversified and interesting menu when dining at Manfreds – just as you would expect the same from the fields on a farm. If you want to get the full experience of ‘farm-to-table’, we recommend that you choose our ‘Chef’s choice’-menu. Otherwise, we have a plentiful a la carte menu, where you will also find our famous tartare.

Farm of Ideas

Just 40km from our restaurant, we have our Farm of Ideas. A farm, where our chefs and interns work on a daily basis to sow, nurture and harvest the most tasteful, beautiful and inspiring vegetables for our servings at Manfreds – often on the day of harvest. In this way, we believe to be able to serve the freshest and most seasonal vegetables for our guests in a sustainable way.

We believe our Farm of Ideas to be a project which can spur dialogue among chefs and farmers that will hopefully lead to productive changes in the way the world grows, distributes and thinks about food. The farm is not only supposed to bring fresh vegetables to our guests, it is also focused on making a change on a larger scale in how we think gastronomy.

The story

Manfreds was established in 2010 as the michelin-starred restaurant Relæ’s laid-back sibling and neighbor – a restaurant and wine bar with a focus on quality local and organic produce, served in a low key atmosphere. The tartare, still to be found on the menu, became an instant classic, making Manfreds (probably) the world’s only veggie-focused restaurant famous for its raw meat. The restaurant still focuses on rustic-style cooking using modern techniques and highest quality raw materials – served inside, outside, at lunch and dinner, as takeaway or catering.

Manfreds and Relæ have received several awards for sustainability, including the Sustainable Restaurant Award in 2015 and 2016.

Organic or biodynamic produce are meticulously chosen in collaboration with Relæ. Vegetables from some of the country’s most skilled veggie-nerds like Svanholm and Birkemosegaard – and our own Farm of Ideas, 40 kms from the restaurant; Organic meat of the finest quality we can find, from Danish farmers who raise their animals exceptionally, walking those extra miles for the sake of quality of life – and taste: cows from Spis Min Gris and Birkemosegaard; pigs from HindsholmGrisen; marsh lamb from Havervadgaard; and chicken from Hegnsholt and Gothenborg.

We are happy and proud to still run Manfreds on the ideologies of sustainable farming and gastronomy, and still keep our food and wines on a fair price-level. And we hope you want to come and visit and experience what we offer.

All food and wine is 90-100 percent organic. Every day!