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Every day 5pm – 10pm


Manfreds is a casual eatery focusing on high quality organic produce. We established the Farm of Ideas 40 min. away for us to be able to harvest the vegetables daily. All the dishes are intented to be shared amongst the diners at the table. The chef choice shows you the best of what we have at the moment. Please note that the menu is subject to changes.

Many of our dishes can also be ordered to take away.


Small dishes to be shared

We recommend 2-3 dishes per person.

Beetroots, apple, lemon cream 90 kr.
Celeriac, salted pike perch, quinoa 95 kr.
Black kale, yuzu, pork rillettes 95 kr.
Grilled onions, shiitake mushrooms, parmesan 95 kr.
Roasted pumpkins, elderflower, smoked yolk 95 kr.
Sautéed Brussel sprouts, kimchi 90 kr.
‘Hindsholm’ pork, greens, salsa 120 kr.
Manfreds tartare of beef with cress & rye bread M – 105 kr.
XL – 165 kr.



Chef’s choice

7-8 courses to share family style. 295,- per person


Somm’s Choice

3 glass chosen by the sommerlier. 285,- per person


 Everything is 90-100% organic


Lunch menu (mon-fri)

Every day noon – 3:30pm


If you want to come by for lunch from Monday through Friday, we offer all of our ‘Small dishes to be shared’, which you can see an example of above, as well as a smaller and cheaper ‘Chef’s Choice’ as found below.


Chef’s choice

5 courses to share family style. 195,- per person


Somm’s Choice

3 glass chosen by the sommerlier. 285,- per person


 Everything is 90-100% organic



Forget all about the grape variety, the area, the country and the classic opinion. Instead go for what your palate, your nose & your guts want. How do you like it? Dry, fruity, floral, juicy, full bodied, mineral, fresh or crisp? We have it all. Please note that these are not all the wines: we have plenty of other wines by the bottle and sometimes also by the glass. Please ask the waiter! Please note that the wine menu is subject to changes, but don’t worry – we always have something good and for every taste available.



“Moki”, ’17, MASIERO

90/450 kr.

– Pinot Grigio – Fresh and fruity macerated sparkling wine

“Fetembulles”, ’18, J.P. ROBINOT

115/575 kr.

– Chenin Blanc – Fresh, crisp and citrusy notes. Natural sparkling wine from Loire

White / Macerated

“Rebula”, ’18, STEKAR

85/425 kr.

– Mineral and smooth Ribolla from Slovenia –

“Ametistas”, ’17, MANI DI LUNA

110/550 kr.

– Grechetto – Deep and complex with with a fresh acidity

“L’Illicite”, ’18, T. ROUANET

115/575 kr.

– Blend – Rich and elegant wine from South of France

“Egesta”, ’16, ALDO VIOLA

130/650 kr.

– Grillo – Macerated wine from Sicily, mineral, elegant and crisp

“Phenomaynal”, ’16, BOULLANGER & ALLANTE 150/750 kr.
– Chardonnay – A pearl from Jura, one of kind!


“Rose ose”, ’17, MANI DI LUNA 90/450 kr.
– Sangiovese, Sagrantino, Malvasia – Delicate and strong character


“Indocilis”, ´18, PODERE PRADAROLO

80/400 kr.
– Barbera – Sparkling red Lambrusco style, rich and juicy

“Dolcetto”, ´18, ANDREA SCOVERO

90/450 kr.
– Dolcetto – A Northern Italian treasure. Berries and soft tannins

“Mol”, ’17, P. BOUJU

100/500 kr.

– Grenache, Gamay, Syrah – Great acidity with a juicy touch


115/575 kr.

– Cabernet Franc – Peppery and sharp Cabernet from Loire

“Rosso Se…”, ’15, TENUTA SELVADOLCE 140/700 kr.
– Rossese – Light, bright red berries. Fermented grape juice at its best!


– Malvasia di Candia Aromatica – Wine from raisined grapes


Marinated black olives 40 kr.
Extra virgin olive oil, per bottle 20 kr.
Anchovies from Lolin 58 kr.


Apple juice, per glass 25 kr.
Manfreds housemade juices, per glass 45 kr.
Filtered water sparkling or still, per bottle 0,75L 25 kr.
Beer from Kølster, 25cl 45 kr.
Beer from Broaden & Build, 25cl 55 kr.
Cider 65 kr.
Coffee from Coffee Collective 25 kr.
Tisane, per person 25 kr.

Eating at Manfreds

Eating at Manfreds is not rocket science nor should it be. However, we are a restaurant with a certain approach to how we like to do things, therefore we have asked ourselves some questions making it easier for you to maneuver through your experience with Manfreds.

Why do you eat family style at Manfreds?
If we loosen up how we serve our food, you will get the most relaxed way of eating. Exactly as you would do if you had guests coming over, there is something uniquely social and cozy about sharing the food and handing over the plates as you enjoy your dinner. Not following a strict timing in serving the dishes, we are also able to reduce staff and therefore keep our prices as low as they are.

What does it mean to eat in the pace of the kitchen?
When the kitchen gets to decide the tempo, we are able to prepare and serve several of the same dishes across the restaurant, which makes us far more effective. This entails that we get to focus on what’s important: produce. And the guests end up paying less.

How does seasonality influence eating at Manfreds?
We are closely connected to our farm in Lejre, Farm of Ideas, which helps us get a more hands-on feeling of when the produce are on their highest. Generally, we spend a lot of time being in dialogue with all of our producers to keep ourselves on the forefront of what nature has to offer for us and our guests.

Why the focus on veggies?
Just like Relæ, Manfreds was established on the idea of giving people gastronomical experiences for little money. For that reason, we focus on minimizing our use of meats, often very costly, and choose instead to focus on veggies. Since then, our experience and knowledge have sparked an even larger fascination with the diversity, colours and taste, which are possible to experience with vegetables.

What’s the story of the famous tartare?
Originally, the tartare was a dish that, in a slightly different form, was on the menu at Relæ. At that time, head chef Christian F. Puglisi were working a lot on charcuterie and got inspired to chop the meat for a tartare in the same way that one would do, when using it for salamis. It gives a little more texture in the meat, and once dressed with watercress and served on a dollop of mustard cream it became the dish that by now become famous well outside the borders of Denmark. We are very proud of it.

Natural wine… what is that?
Both loved and hated in the restaurant scene of Copenhagen, there probably isn’t  a wine bar or restaurant, who hasn’t taken sides on being for or against it. Unfortunately, the definition of natural wine is as bit of a greyzone since there is no actual certification these practices. Many people take on the label “natural”  a little too easy, which can end up resulting in natural wine being misunderstood as some spontaneous fermented crap. At Manfreds, we source only wine, we can vouch for – just like our vegetables and meat. This means that they as a minimum are produced by organic principles, that they are unfiltered and without any added yeasts, sugars and preservatives. One could call that natural wines – we call it good wines.

Will you ever become 100% organic?
Within the current regulation, we have the highest category of organic certification there is. The last 10% are used for foraged produce such as mushrooms and wild herbs, which are accounted for as non-organic, as well as a few wines and produce, which are currently undergoing conversion to organic certification.

It seems to be quite low-key to eat at Manfreds. How so?
The prices are low, the atmosphere good, the ambitions are right where they should be – and everyone’s invited.

What does double-seating mean?
To keep the prices on a fair level, we need to get the most out of our rent, salaries and the rest of our expenses. We do that by limiting the time our guests have at their table to two hours, which makes us able to seat two on the same chair every night. This helps us a lot – and in terms of the experience, we wish to give at Manfreds, two hours are plentiful.

Why is there almost no one who speaks Danish?
As Copenhagen are becoming a gatronomical reference and tourists are travelling here from all over the world, a lot of chefs and sommelier’s are doing the same. In all of Relæ Community we hire those that are best qualified and who fits in the team. Regardless of sex, age, race and nationality.

How’s the atmosphere at Manfreds?
Manfreds are a busy little restaurant, where we don’t expect anything of how our guests dress, the color of their skin, their sex, social status or hair color. The diversity is not only present on the plate but also in the environment and atmosphere one creates. Therefore, we are happy and proud that we on Jægersborggade can gather both local people, who meet over a glass of wine, travellers from abroad, who just have to try the tartare, and young and old. The lights are dimmed, the atmosphere is laid-back and it is loud from good music and a great atmosphere.

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